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標題: nike air max outlet, China Unicom made a lot of concessions [打印本頁]

作者: kewengrt    時間: 2013-5-30 19:05     標題: nike air max outlet, China Unicom made a lot of concessions

Latest news: China Unicom has successfully obtained the exclusive rights to sell iPhone three years
Yesterday, reporter learned from informed sources, China Unicom and Apple has signed a three-year exclusive iPhone agreement sales of smart phones is expected to be at the end of September in order to be sold bundling 3G version of iPhone. This means that China Mobile at least in three years can not cooperate with Apple.
Merrill Lynch analyst last Friday also revealed that China Unicom and Apple's iPhone coming to an end two years of negotiations to introduce China Unicom and Apple is likely to reach over a two-year exclusive iPhone sales agreement.

analysts pointed out that China Mobile has more than 450 million mobile phone users, losing iPhone has little influence, but China Unicom is different, the user number less than one-third of China Mobile, plus just strip out the CDMA network,nike air max outlet, it is one kind of influential eager to develop high-end products to customers, to restore the tide to contend with China Mobile and China Telecom.

Earlier, China Mobile and Apple's iPhone negotiations on the introduction of the number of times, failed. moving in an insider told reporters,nike air max 1, "Apple has always wanted each other to provide a high percentage of revenue sharing as well as high end subsidies, and adhere to the user through the online store sell iPhone apps Apple even raised as high as 20% -30% of the share ratio, so we can not accept. "

while China Unicom take advantage eventually reached an agreement with Apple. reporter learned that, for the realization of the cooperation with Apple, China Unicom made a lot of concessions, including giving certain subsidies, underwriting a number of the iPhone,nike air max 2013, built-in Apple's online software store,nike air max sale, etc..

The sources, China Unicom and Apple reached a preliminary agreement did not contain business into the model. Unicom bare metal price of 3,000 yuan to purchase Apple's iPhone, guaranteed annual sales of 1 million -200 million, the guarantee of not less than sales 5 billion yuan, while sales from the terminal as well as in Apple's iPhone platform value-added services revenue double benefit.

reporter learned that Apple launched in June iPhone3GS third generation mobile phones, storage Capacity upgrade to 16GB and 32GB versions, the price to maintain the original $ 199 and $ 299. U.S. market price is relatively cheaper. Kong 32GB sells for around HK $ 5100.

The insider revealed that the reason bare metal prices than European and American retail market price of your question first, because the domestic tariffs, and second batch of iPhone is China Unicom customized mobile phones for the Chinese market,nike air max, but China Unicom's 3G iPhone price than anecdotal rumored price is low. China Unicom may adopt model bundled packages sales, is expected to sell no more than 3,000 yuan. This means that China Unicom's iPhone than the domestic sale of up to nearly 5,000 yuan a parallel iPhone more price advantage.

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