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ou told me how to get its blood , do I stand in front of it saying, 'Please give me a blood brother to resolve the brutal right spirit' so what?I'm afraid if I say so, it must immediately tear my ...... "" Haha ...... you this kid is fun, rest assured, no one told you to go to day unicorn, the kind of existence is eyes are able to tear up you, not to mention you can not meet, I let you go, and is not yet a day before Kirin Kirin, of course, the general unicorn rank quite high, and this depends on how you do it. "As said the same offerings alone, the day unicorn, is promoted to the days of order unicorn, but in fact, it is not born a unicorn days of order, but also to be able to go through practice promoted to the animal realm, of course, many people do not know, just Road animal unicorn is, in fact, heaven and earth all things, but also what can be hard to ask for the moon without it? "But even so, I do not know where to find it ...... unicorn "Hear the words of offerings alone, Nie Feng is with the point of a little hope, after days of order of the animal, it is untouchable there, if I bring days of unicorn blood, it is tantamount to a death sentence. "Kirin, then this Guzhu know where to meet. "At this time, the sound of the Phoenix opened once again, but this time sitting in Phoenix start poison emperor could not stand it, stood up and shoved, poison emperor and he said: "Guzhu!The place is not where you MBT Schuhe Kaufen say it? ""It is! ""Guzhu!Even this Lin Yao million drug Valley has for us what kindness is good, gold silk insanity Wang also saved his MBT Sandalen Damen life, which have been more than adequate returned to him, and now wanted him Guzhu into 'there'?Guzhu You do not forget, there for our million drug Valley should not say Penan, it is sacred geography, let him an outsider to enter, you can absolutely do! ""Poison emperor, the Guzhu decide things, and when it's your turn to question the MBT Sandalen way? "Trace of hostility from Phoenix eyes flashed, poison emperor that tough tone, so that the hearts of the Phoenix suddenly angry. "Guzhu!Old
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