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標題: You want to know the so powerful master [打印本頁]

作者: jhlnsglb    時間: 2013-5-30 18:37     標題: You want to know the so powerful master

Xianbei strength after this incident happen overnight has undergone enormous changes in the eastern part of the adults, all of a sudden there are two Jue machine Soli is and even ZhuSha the central adults Jue ranking is Heaven's Sui Kui head with rebellion dozen tribal leaders and even hundreds of thousands of guarding military Heaven's tribal forces surrounding tribal annexation is of Mi plus and Yuwen Mo Huai two major tribes in Solihull Jue machine killed after crazy annexation of the site, if not come forward to stop, and even the indemnity plus, and Yuwen Mo Huai strength nor know have doubled the number of turn,, and even not a fool,swarovski outlet, sitting watching them momentum results and even reached an agreement and several eastern tribal, the indemnity plus get half of the territory of the local tribes and in their own communities adjacent to the dedication, and the other half was given to the Yuwen Mo Huai As for Soli tribal territory, nearly half of the territory were given before and even absolute loyalty Xiao Chun, this reminds Xiao Chun surprise, always set for ourselves dead to beware of a plus and even actually put myself and indemnity plus,nike free trainer 5.0, Yuwen Mo Huai and see. So lavishly shot, in fact, and even the reason for such a large piece of land handed over to Xiao Jun, an important reason Hsiao Chun Tucker, according to the Ministry of the forces to contain indemnity plus, and Yuwen Mo Huai both of them. As for some of the sites of the remaining Soli Ministry were also divided up by several of the larger forces of the eastern, including before and get-together that Tuoba Ministry Contact.
Lodge exudes a dark yellow Guanghua Western chandelier automatic flying out from Qiankun Dai the sky dancing Bloody Lightning seem to find a direction, all into the Western chandelier! Nine trays light on the nine strange Bloody flame, slowly beating With the large-scale importation of Scarlet lightning the Scarlet Flame beating increasingly dramatic, is also increasingly Sheng distributing Scarlet light! The trio has stood up and said to himself, quietly staring at the lodge Western chandelier! Within a moment, the Scarlet Guanghua has enveloped the whole piece of the city! Diffuse a piece of heaven and earth! So bleak dead gray to become Xieyi blood red, street, house, any building! Have become blood red! Oof! Ice buildings chest coming out soon as explosive drink purple the Guanghua diffuse out of, condensed into the the purple robe old man's figure, and then the front of the lodge has been dyed Scarlet chandelier explosion shot away almost instantly to prosperity purple Guanghua surrounded the lodge Scarlet chandelier! Go! Purple robe old man Di heard an instant with the Scarlet the chandelier came the ice Yu trio before, and then the body spread out a purple Guanghua surrounded the trio broke open a void left! Four people appeared in the hills in front of the purple robe soul apart from the body of the old man went to the old man sitting on a side of the static, etc., the the purple robe old man's body, his feet, step forward, beyond the flesh of the soul into the body . Purple robe old man short smiled and raised his hand ice yu waist Qiankun Dai removed, and then remove the treasure box to put his own spirit world, that bloody chandelier is also long into his spirit world! The ice buildings chest a beat! Goes gray map falls the purple robe old man's hands, and disappear in the blink of an eye. Qiankun Dai flew back to ice woo waist! Kid! Very good! Offers something I want to take you as an apprentice purple robe old man pale smile, wait for a period of time and then disappear in the spot, not interested if I think any time pinch for I arrived broken this thing!! the old man in the hands of that purple robe thrown a purple sign! Those two of the the purple six killer is found purple wolf hear when his close followers mood no trace of volatile! General long knelt down and coach for it! You want to know the so powerful master, but a solid backer ah! To see him come and go in the residue of dead Longcheng look, repair is certainly more than the realm of God, the king is so simple! Ice-yu face his mouth Dan Xiao took over the purple brand! See did not look Qiankun Dai being placed! Do you? Ready to return to headquarters,windows 7 licence key, which segments? Still go? Ice Yu turned facing two short smiles.

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