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I am writing to thank everyone who came out to support the youth of celine luggage Anchorage at the February 13, 2007 Anchorage assembly meeting. I am fortunate to be able to sit on the Anchorage Parks Recreation Commission, and I am glad that Mayor Begich has given me this opportunity. Young people have opinions, and its important that we have a isabel marant shop online say in things that go on in our city - especially when it comes to things that affect us directly. Because of everyone's support in tabling the proposed mulberry sale ordinance, other young people besides me will have the opportunity to participate. Thanks again! Ally Beischer
The Senegambian Association of Alaska would like to thank our Alaskan friends who showed up and supported us during our fundraising party and all the Senegambians including the committee members who volunteered their time to mulberry outlet make the event successful. Many thanks to our Senegambian wives, sisters and daugthers for their generous financial support and the meals they prepared. We would also like to thank Wal-mart Midtown, Horizons Cafe and Glamour Braids for their donations during our fundraising event and supporting us to carry out community programming aimed at creating understanding and tolerance.
The staff and board of directors at Junior Achievement of Alaska, Inc. thank Vern McCorkle at Alaska Business Monthly for his continued support through sponsorship of the 21st Annual Alaska Business Hall of Fame fundraiser. 35470868 nike air max run lite Since its inception, Alaska Business Monthly has co-sponsored this event which brings honor to the men and women of the Alaska by recognizing their contributions to our community, before their friends, business acquaintances, and the community at large. Thank you Vern, for your continued support of JA.
The West High Auditorium Restoration Committee thanks all the donors, both large and small, who contributed to help the fund-raising campaign reach the $1 million mark. We still need the community's help to restore this valuable community asset. This is an especially critical time because we must raise an additional $275,000 by the end of March to order all materials and put celine handbags the construction bids out to allow completion of the entire project this summer as scheduled. Donations (checks payable to ACF West High Auditorium) may be mailed to: The Alaska Community Foundation, 301 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, AK 99503. If you would like to become a major sponsor, please call 742-2617. We appreciate your help and look forward to the West High auditorium serving the school and community for another fifty years!
The Multiple Sclerosis Aquatic Therapy Program would like to thank all of the supporters across the state for helping make last weeks fundraiser at the Great Alaska Pizza Company a HUGE success. Because of that support we are able to maintain funding for the rental of pool time and physical therapist assistance for cheap isabel marant our weekly exercise-support meetings. We invite all newly and previously diagnosed patients with Multiple Sclerosis to participate in isabel 74243164 nike air max shoes marant dicker boots our Aquatic Therapy Program at the Anchorage YMCA free of charge. Pool times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3 to 4 PM and Saturdays 10 to 11 AM. We also invite all people with MS to our monthly support group which meets at the Access Alaska Building on Fireweed the second Thursday of each month at noon. Many thanks to the owner's, managers and Board members of The Great Alaska Pizza Company for all your help and support in last weeks fundraiser.
The students and staff of Begich Middle School wish to thank the following community members for supporting our first Leadership Academy designed to train potential student leaders and build our new school community: Mitchell Godfred, President of the Arctic Circle Enterprises, for his generous donation of retail items to use for door prizes; Costco, Inc. for donating snacks, lunch and beverages, Muldoon Boys and Girls Club for offering the gym and conference room for our meetings, and Mary Van Buskirk and Al George of LifeTouch for providing photo ID's on lanyards.
The staff of Habitat for Humanity - Anchorage's ReStore extend our thanks to Alaska Wholesale, Décor Lighting, Home Depot, Huttig Building Products, Lowe's, Taylored Restoration Services and all other donors, both corporate and individual, who have recently donated building materials and related items to this "Do It Yourself Center". Such donations are important to our efforts to reduce substandard housing in our community and help keep shop celine saleable items out of the landfill. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, your generosity and your partnership in our mission.
I thank the Alaska Military Youth Acadamy and the men and women who make the program possible. You transform lives and give hope to young adults in our community who would, without the academy, possibly never realize thier worth and potential. I wish to express sincere appreciation to Edward Wicher, and the team leaders: 2nd Platoon, I 48146120 womens nike air max command am forever indebted to each of you for your valuable contribution to my sons sucess. To your credit, my "problem teen" is now hopefull, respectful graduate with a diploma, who knows the world owes him nothing isabel marant sneaker sale and who challenges his future.
Catholic Social Services' Pregnancy Support and Adoption Services would like to thank all those who attended and contributed to its successful Quilt, Fiber Wearable Arts Auction. Special thanks to the quilters, knitters and fabric artists who donated their beautiful items, and to Dina's Cozy Cabin Quilts, Far North Yarn Co., Just Sew, Sylvia's Quilt Depot, Seams Like Home, The Quilt Tree, and all of our volunteers. Marilyn Barnett did and an outstanding job chairing the event with her committee, Annette Alivia, Barbara Draper, Franny Junge, Leslie Strand, Lori Potter, 85346074 nike shoes for men Margaret Smith and Susie Buesseler.
I want to express my Thanks and appreciation to the Alaska Walking Store, located at 908 W. Northern Lights Blvd., for the pair of Dansko Professional shoes that I won in their Christmas 2006 Drawing. When they did not have a pair in my size in the color I preferred, Dave Valdez assisted me in actually taking the time to order my preference and followed up with a telephone call to inform me when the Dansko shoes came in. Thank You, Dave and the Alaska Walking Store for the great pair of Dansko Shoes!
Once again Channel 11, Mirror Lake Middle School's School Business Partner hosted the video news team. Cathy Hiebert also joined us for the filed trip. Laura Oates and Brett Shephard guided the students through the operation and production of isabel marant dicker boots Channel 11's news broadcast. A student wrote, "This was probably the best field trip I've ever been on. We learned so much, and I can't wait until we get to go back (to Channel 11) and watch a live broadcast. This has definitely opened up some career options. Thank you to both Laura and Brett.
Twenty-three new peer mediators were trained in December to help keep Denali Montessori Elementary School's playgrounds safe. We would like to thank Central Lutheran Church for the use of their wonderful meeting rooms. IBEW and Denali's PTA provided special lunches and snacks for the students. Our terrific teachers, Dawnmarie Riley, Paula Davis and Ann Torpy spent many extra hours preparing their room for a substitute so that they could attend this training and their participation was greatly appreciated, along with parent helpers and other Denali staff , Marcus Wilson, Theo Thompson and Jasmin Wilson.
Recently I took nearly three hundred books to Title Wave for an organizing client. The next day I got a call from Steve who said something had been found in one of the books. I agreed to come get it to deliver back to my client. It seems she had put $180.00 in one of her books some years ago and completely forgotten about it. Title Wave employee BEN found the money and turned it in. BEN, YOU ROCK!

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